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EXCLUSIVE Cobra Kai Skull-Screen Print Transfer (RTS 3/9)

EXCLUSIVE Cobra Kai Skull-Screen Print Transfer (RTS 3/9)

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**Screen Print PRE-ORDERS!!!**

Please understand that if I am running a PRE-ORDER and do not meet the minimum, I will refund all orders. Every attempt will be made to meet the minimum quantity but just in case I wanted to make that clear! 

*Also, sometimes I may go ahead and submit to production if MOQ has been met, before pre-order even closes. 

We offer weekly Screen Print Pre-Orders, which begin on Mondays and close on Sundays, and sometimes will have random pre-orders as well.

Please allow 7-10 Business Days from the time the Pre-Order closes to be sure you receive your order.  

 After the orders have been placed, all extras will be posted to the RTS Screen Print Transfers tab for sale. 

*Ship date listed in description is subject to change due to holidays or weather*

*All transfers are approximately 11" for Adults, and 9" for Youth, unless specified.

*If you place a Pre-Order with a Ready To Ship item, the whole order will NOT ship until all the items are available to ship!

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